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St. Johns Insurance Company has earned a Financial Stability Rating® of A, Exceptional, from Demotech, Inc. ( St. Johns Insurance Company also maintains an extensive reinsurance portfolio to provide the financial stability and peace of mind you would expect from an insurer protecting your home. Our current program incorporates Quota Share, Catastrophic Excess of Loss, and Property Per Risk reinsurance.

Quota Share

Quota Share reinsurance is purchased so that losses are shared by a stated percentage / amount for each risk within a defined category of business. The participation in each risk is fixed and certain.

Catastrophe Excess of Loss and Property Per Risk

Catastrophic excess of loss reinsurance protects the company in the event losses exceed a specified retention level for catastrophic losses. St. Johns Insurance participates in the coverage provided by the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund. For non-catastrophic losses, the property-per-risk reinsurance limits the company’s exposure at $300,000. Reinsurance is placed in the domestic, Bermuda, international, and London markets.

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