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St. Johns Insurance is determined to provide customers with the best claim service, and we’ve gone to great lengths to do so.

Claim representatives and adjusters have one charge: do everything possible to pay covered claims quickly and fairly. That is why at St. Johns, same-day contact with our customers is mandatory.

In severe weather, our storm center can be operational at a moment’s notice, ensuring that in the event of a claim, St. Johns can respond quickly.

Claims can be reported by
any of the following methods

In the unfortunate event that a customer experiences a claim, St. Johns asks that customers attempt to take reasonable steps to protect property from further damage until an adjuster can respond. St. Johns will pay the reasonable cost incurred by its customers for the necessary measures taken to protect covered property that is damaged by a covered cause of loss.

St. Johns Insurance recommends the following steps for reporting a claim:

  • Keep receipts and document all work that is done on the property due to loss.
  • If a customer experiences additional damages, they are encouraged to report these damages to their claims adjuster in a timely manner. It’s important to make an inventory of damaged personal property, including food, clothing, carpet and furniture.
  • If the damage from a covered loss makes a residence not fit to live in, St. Johns will pay any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by the customer so that they can maintain a normal standard of living. Save any receipts for additional living expenses.
  • Should water enter the house, homeowners are encouraged to turn their water off and contact a plumber. The homeowner should also contact a water extraction company and have the water removed – as well as any wet padding – from the house as soon as possible. Contact a claims representative for the name of a qualified emergency services company, if needed.

Protecting Property. Ensuring Peace of Mind.

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